dance for change

(previously national inclusive dance network)


Dance for Change is an amalgamation of the former National Inclusive Dance Network and the People Dancing led National Alliance.

Driven by a core working party, the current areas of focus for the network of 200+ are:
  • development of a Dance Agent for Change project and national Summit 
  • development of an online quality framework tool for organisations / events aiming to become more inclusive of disabled artists, participants and/or audiences (in partnership with Shape Arts)
  • ensuring a fit-for-purpose infrastructure through which to capitalise on work already happening in the sector to create significant step changes in the broader UK dance sector

The working party is guided by our headline strategic document - the Tipping Point (which can be downloaded below).

This strategy builds on a National Action Plan and its key priority areas as agreed with the full National Inclusive Dance Network in summer 2013.  The next full network meeting will take place in summer 2016.


Dance for Change's vision is of a society in which:

  1. Deaf and disabled artists are fully included to engage with dance, find their voice and influence the dance / arts sector
  2. Every Deaf and disabled artist / individual has the opportunity to experience, participate and develop skills in and through dance / the arts


Dance for Change exists to effect and enable transformational change across the dance sector, accelerating the adoption of inclusive dance practice; improving the range and quality of opportunities for disabled artists, especially young people; and reframing the perception and enjoyment of integrated dance.


The network is open to any individual or organisation committed to working together towards shared national aims. To join the network and receive our 'calls to action' and updates, please e-mail

The strategy and practicalities for the network and action plan development are driven by a core working party.


Current strategic documents:

Framework & action plan documents:

Notes of previous full network meetings: